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Is the Mirena coil Ok?


I don’t seem to be getting on with POPs as I start to feel nauseas, hormonal and generally a bit rubbish. I never give it long until I stop taking it. I have endo and has a lap not so long a go so I need to get on some treatment to surpress future growth.

I don’t mind the idea of bleeding for a few weeks. I’m just anxious Incase I get more of the emotional side effects. I’ve heard it has a much lower dose of hormone than the POP so less likely to effect you emotionally. Is this this case?!

Many thanks!!!! Xxxx

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Hi Rebecca, Im surprised they did not offer/advise the fit of coil during the lap? They did to me but I stupidly refused.. now as no more pills are working Im fighting to get a mirena fitted.. I believe it will solve our problems, we must try at least.. My issue is I want it fitted under sedation as Im too fragile but you can have it done without. Try it, seriously, I could have been symptoms free for a year and a half now..

Hi Rebecca.

I reluctantly had the coil fitted 7 years ago as I heard a few bad reports about them but I have to say it completely changed my life. I went from a depressed tearful person to a happy bubbly person in a few months! I had almost no pain and much more energy! The nine days migraines and nausea every month completely went. The past year things have started to change with pain getting worse and moods are up and down. I put this down to my body getting used to it and I’m peri menopausal. It worked for me really well for six years and even though I am now suffering again it is still no where near what I was dealing with before!

It’s always worth trying it but give it a few months to see how you body adapts to it!

Hope this helps!


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