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Negative laparoscopy by general gynae- please help!

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Im really upset as i was due to have my first laparoscopy today for diagnosis of endo by a BGSE surgeon however wen i got there, it was a different dr who is a general gynae with a infertility clinic. Im 21, not sexually active.

She told me there was nothing found but she only checked my uterus, ovaries and tubes not my bladder, bowel, pouch of douglas etc.

My main symptoms since 8 years are horrendous period pain and burning, stinging when passing urine and back pain slightly before and at time of period.

When i was in recovery, she came and told me to make lifestyle changes (i am overweight) but i was really skinny from 8 until 3 yrs ago so i dont believe my weight has ant correlation. She discharged me with no follow up.

I dont know what to do now, im fed up of pain and dont know what to do next.

Please help.

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Hi I had a laparoscopy yesterday, all my symptoms suggested long term endo but nothing was found. Also under general surgical/gynaecologist

I had a lump removed from C-section scar that they’re suggesting is C-section endo but I’m baffled that my pelvic region appears otherwise healthy.

You’re not alone. I don’t know what to do next either xx

Similar story to me

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