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First Endo Clinic Appointment


After waiting almost a year I finally had my appointment today. Got the answers I was looking for and now I’m on the waiting list for a lap to unstick my left ovary from my uterus, laser out any endo, and check for more scar tissue. The waiting list is 6-8 months long and I’m going home to America on holiday for 2 weeks in 9 months. I really hope this works out. Anyone have any advice they can give me about having the lap done? I’ve only ever had one operation done and that was almost 13 years ago.

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Hi kitty_kat91,

Congratulations on having your first appointment and getting the answers you were looking for! While getting a laparoscopy can seem daunting, there is information available to help ease your mind before the surgery.

We have an information sheet here that details what to expect:

If you're feeling nervous, we also have helpline available to give you the opportunity to talk to someone with Endometriosis who has most likely had a laparoscopy. The phone number and opening hours are listed on our website here:

Good luck the next few months, I sincerely hope the wait isn't too agonising for you!

Kind regards,


Endometriosis UK

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