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I have on recently been diagnosed with endo but have been fighting for a diagnosis for years. I have also just been diagnosed with adenmyosis and am wanting to freeze my eggs. I was wondering if anyone else had/is going through this and had any advice also does the nhs cover this due to the condition? Struggling to find answers to my questions and struggling to get in to see my gp.

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Hi there,

I’ve been through 1 round of egg retrieval for fertility preservation due to PCOS and Endometriosis. Financially I can’t give you much advice because I’m in Australia, but I would hope that you have a similar coverage for treatment if it’s for fertility preservation. Medicare (public health) over here covered a significant amount because I had fertility-limiting disease.

In terms of the actual process: it’s not too bad. I had issues due to mild hyper stimulation syndrome due to my PCOS, but otherwise was pretty straight forward. Having said that - I’m a nurse so injections aren’t a big deal for me. The nursing staff at the clinic were very supportive and informative in any case.

Given that you’ve been diagnosed with adenomyosis I would suggest talking to the diagnosing doctor to see if they have any suggestions re: fertility preservation, specifically egg freezing. You won’t be the first to ask and they might be a fantastic resource for information. For me it was the reverse - I went to a fertility doctor for egg freezing and then it was the same doctor who suspected I still had bad endo (even though I didn’t suspect so), and did a fantastic job of removing endo I never knew I had.

My best advice would be to utilise all resources you can to find info that best suits your circumstances. Good luck!

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