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Likely heading for another Laparoscopy


I went and saw a consultant today about the pain and cramps that have returned since my last laparoscopy. My consultant has suggested I go for another laparoscopy and so I will be put back on a waiting list. If we're still unsuccessful when TTC, then it will be IVF. The good news was that my endo doesn't seem to be 'deep infiltrating' and so that was a relief. I am also relieved that I wasn't told to try for a bit longer before we consider another laparoscopy or that I wasn't severe enough for another laparoscopy.

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Hi Sarah can I ask what symptoms you have been getting as I have suspected Endometriosis and in a lot of pain and just looking for advice from people who are going through it. Thanks

Sarah24601 in reply to Nicreid87

Hi, well I had a laparoscopy literally 2 weeks ago so I'm hoping for no more symptoms! But my previous symptoms were: a moderate-severe pain in my stomach, particualry on my right hand side, and the pain normally flared up around my time of the month or ovulation. However, it could have flared up at any time as well.

My advice is go to your GP, try and get a referral to gynaecologist to try and see if you can get it confirmed. Hope this helps, best of luck! x

Nicreid87 in reply to Sarah24601

Thank you I have been to gyno she put a Mirena coil in but made symptoms a lot worse so just got it taken out 3 weeks ago and doc gave me the depo injection but has stopped bleeding but hasn’t helped symptoms am in pain all the time in my lower stomach, back hip and legs, I am currently waiting on gyno but have blood in urine and been given 10 day course of antibiotics as they suspected it was uti and now bleeding from bottom and diarrhoea it’s very frustrating as can hardly walk and have 3 kids under 6 and painkillers don’t seem to work, have u tried anything to help with pain.

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