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Endo on bowel or not?

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Had the diagnosis had the hyserectomy. And been almost 8 months post op. Question I have that my gynaecologist could not answer Is, i every second day or so a build up of pressure and pain which is only relived by a bowel movement then moments after the pain subsides alot. Is this endo on my bowel? ? Not that I wnat to have to see a doctor about it but there isn't enough info online in detail about it

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Depends which side of the bowl, or close to it. If it was on the inside of the bowl you would expect to see blood when you were passing / bleeding from your back passage during your period. Endo on the bowl on the peritoneal side (on the side facing the inside cavity of the body) may cause it but they will need to look during the Lap. It could even be endo implants that are just close by, so endometrial tissue releases prostaglandins, these cause inflammation, but they also cause contraction of smooth muscle. It’s one of the same chemicals that cause contractions during labour as well (hence why many women with endo have really bad cramps during their period, its thought to be likely due to increased prostaglandin), it’s ore than plausible the endo is causing these symptoms. However, the issue is, in order to sort it out, the underlying endo needs treated, I know it can take several months post removal for all the adhesions to 'dry up' in a way. Keep asking them about it, you need to keep telling them about these symptoms so they record them.

Thankyou. I do not wish to spend alot of time stressing about it unless of course it does become debilitating. I have resigned to the fact my doctor lied to me about my recovery and was happy to sign me off. In saying that my symptoms havnt been as bad as they were before treatment. And, I know I'm very likely to have problems going forward. Guess it just something I'd like answered. As I dont have the pain all the time, it's like my body is screaming at me saying ouch and then it's my signal to have a bowel movement. I dont know. But, thankyou I will think about talking to a doctor again

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