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Anyone else?


Hi all. I was wondering if anyone else has had experience of Sayana Press? It’s Depo Provera but you administer it yourself. I went back on Depo Provera in April to stop my long drawn out ovulation pain that lasts 10 days every month and on the 11th September I swapped over to sayana press. I had my first lesson with the practice nurse and all went well however 3.5 weeks later I woke to the normal niggly pain around my left ovary and thought to myself if I am not mistaken it feels like I have mid cycle pain and by the Tuesday I was in full blown pain. I saw my GP who doesn’t know why it hasn’t worked only that my body hasn’t liked the formulation and my hormones are stronger than sayana press’s and have aloud my ovary to become active. There is nothing my GP can do until my next injection is due and for me then to go back to the traditional Depo Provera. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I am so upset as the pain has been horrendous for the past 9 days and I still have another 8 weeks before I can have my next Depo.

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