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Endometriosis confirmed!


Had my laparoscopy yesterday and despite the surgeon being unsure she’d even find anything, which then had me doubting my symptoms etc and wondering if it was really that bad..... she found endometriosis on both tubes. Won’t have my official follow up for 3 months but the nurse said they’d treated it so fingers crossed things calm down.

Sounds odd but despite being extremely sore today I’m sort of relieved I wasn’t making it up 🙈

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Hi glad you have been given answers, rest up & get better soon x

Can totally relate to your feeling of relief , after 6 years of visits to doctors with severe back, pelvis and sciatic pain , I was finally diagnosed via laparoscopy in January with severe endo but had this fear and feeling before that nothing may be found due to docs reluctance to refer me , so I cried with relief after when it was confirmed that I finally had some answers.

I am going in for excision surgery in two weeks time. Hope your recovering well and continue to feel positive effects of your treatment xx

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