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Is it Endometriosis???


Hi there

This is my first post here & am looking for advice.

I am 35 yrs old & have had normal regular periods from the age of 13 and two normal pregnancies in the last 5 years (no problems conceiving etc).

However, in the last year I have been getting all the symtoms of Endo with long, heavy, painful periods & horrendous pain in my lower back that does not go away without prescription painkillers. I sometimes bleed after sex too. I've seen GPs a number of times, but they've just suggested it's hormonal & I should go on the Pill. I've also had ultrasound scans - cysts, fibroids etc have been ruled out. As I'm undecided about any more children I'm reluctant to take the Pill at the moment & believe there's more of an underlying problem like Endo that is being overlooked.

What I wanted to know is - can you get Endo later on in your 30s having had no problems previously, & how do you convince a GP to take you seriously?? I now dread each month as it's getting worse & really affecting everyday life.

Thanks in advance x

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Dear MEvans123,

Welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry you are experiencing symptoms of Endometriosis and that this is affecting your lifestyle. Unfortunately Endometriosis can affect all women and girls of a childbearing age, and can develop at any time.

With regards to your GP, It can be difficult to remember everything you want to say, so I feel it's best to go armed with as much information as possible.

Endometriosis UK, the charity, have lots of useful information on their website about visiting your doctor, diagnosis and treatment, which you can download.

This questionnaire may help you get your thoughts in order for when you visit your doctor:

This pain diary may also be useful:

We also have a free confidential helpline, run by volunteers, if you feel you need to talk to someone. You can find the opening times here:

I hope this helps and do let us know how you get on.

Take care.


Volunteer Moderator

Sorry you are suffering- just wanted to say I had completely normal periods with no pain at all until age 29, when endometriosis hit me full force, so it is possible! They don't understand why it sometimes happens like that. Think it was also easier for doctors to brush me off because I'd had normal periods until then. So I would definitely push for a laparoscopy. Also consider adenomyosis, which often appears along with endo and could explain your symptoms, especially bleeding after sex (assuming you're up to date with smear tests etc). I had 5 negative ultrasounds before adeno was suggested to me after my lap, so they don't always see it at ultrasound. Something else to think about anyway. Good luck!


Hi, Yes I have had no problems with my periods all my life. This year I developed cramping and bloating and they did a scan and found i had an endometrioma cyst. Since then the pain got a lot worse and ended up in hospital last mont on my period. I have a laproscopy booked for week after next. I am 37. So yes, 25 years with not a single problem and then wham bam, I am in hell and had to post postpone my masters and currently not working due to it all. I would ask for a laproscopy out right, they have no right to deny you and I would use the NICE guidelines published in 2017 to demonstrate yo know what you are talking about and ensure they put you on a list for one.

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