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Hate my illness


So iv been poorly for a bit now been in hospital since wensady with choronic pain with endos and vires is getting me down now as carnt poo for a week and every time i eat and drink it wont stay down and they not really done anyfor me and still got to wate on list for opp never felt so bad in a long time hate this illness cores more trubles at one when u have a fler up aso got a bad chest too

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Hi Alarna that’s awful you are still in hospital with no real answers /( are you in the gynae Ward? Sending you an internet hug x 💕

Yes im still here i can hardly walk or do anything or keep food or drink down but gyne are saying they carnd do anything tell i get let home then go to my doctore they are heling to controle pain and sick piss but part from that im not getting any where are truly listend too and wish my opp whould hurry up so can get a bit of my life back but everything is always bloody wating list grrrr get me so upset as im worries is spreding to bowls as carnt go in lesa i have help

Hi Alarna,

I was admitted into hospital for 8 days back in June with acute pain in my tummy. The pain relief they gave me made me constipated and I had to have an enema in the end to help me go to the toilet. I would request they give you one also. I was on laxatives, but they were not working. 7 days with not emptying my bladder meant the laxatives couldn't do a thing.

I would not agree to leave the hospital until there is some care plan in place. I would request you see the pain management team before you are discharged and you would like an appointment to see a consultant before you leave. If you have not signed any paperwork to have the lap I would demand you sign that paperwork and then be given an operation date.

I was more fortunate when I was in hospital because I was already seeing a fertility doctor and with my regular scans they had seen I had a cyst that was growing so I had already signed the operation paperwork and the operation wasn't too far away. It was only during my time in hospital in June that they diagnosed me with endometriosis. They offered to put me on the emergency theatre list due to the pain I was in but my consultant who had been treating me was on holiday and I wanted him to do the operation so I made the decision to ride it out. I think had I not had the cysts growing on my ovaries they would not have entertained putting me on the emergency list to operate. Do you have any cysts? Have they completed an ultrasound and MRI scan on you?

You will need to be firm with the hospital and also mention that you shall be contacting PALs to raise your experiences with them. By mentioning the fact you are going to contact PALs should get them to do something.

I hope it all goes well.

Alarna in reply to Emma511983

Im really let down to be ones im on a wating list for a lap iv been begging for my opp nothing being done saying i have to wait i have had enema two time still not gone all the overs too now they sending me home tomorrow not sign nothing also or not had mra also pain team said carnt do nothing tell after opp now to night they hardly giving me pain relife as im going tomorrow

Alarna in reply to Emma511983

Where are u from

Emma511983 in reply to Alarna

Sounds dreadful. I would contact PALs and raise this with them as it is out of order.

I am based in South Essex.

Alarna in reply to Emma511983

I know iv ask too see than but notbing still now going home today if i like it or not and then got to wate on a list too see some one over diat x

Alarna in reply to Alarna

Im in cheahire xx

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