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Advice on everything ending related..


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to post on here as I have a million and one questions and thought best to ask you ladies. I recently went to the doctors due to having extremely painful back pain on the day of my period, my doctor instantly wanted me to have a scan to check if I had endo (i’m aware I am extremely lucky to have this as from the looks of it doctors are usually rubbish at diagnosing)

I haven’t had my scan yet but I wanted to know everyone’s thoughts before hand.. the only symptom that it seems like I have is that I get the bad back pain on the day of my periods. But this only lasts a couple of hours and I don’t have pain before hand or after the first few hours. I also have no heavy bleeding, bleeding outside of my period or pelvic pain. I just wanted to get opinions and stories on whether people were getting no symptoms pretty much but still got it? I have read a lot of people get some kind of pain but aware that’s not always the case.

Another question is pregnancy - I am 22 & 23 in December. Me and my Partner were thinking of trying in about a year and a half anyway but infertility terrifies me as I have heard so many stories on endo. Is it really common for people to not get pregnant that have endo or is that a myth? My concern is if I have it I may feel pressured to try straight away.

Aware this is probably just a bit of a worried ramble but would love to hear some people’s opinions and stories on what their symptoms were like and infertility.

Would be grateful for any help as I am a terrified 22 year old right now.

Thanks ladies xxx

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