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Feeling lost and confused


Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help me please. I started getting constant pain around my right hip when I was heavily pregnant. After my sons birth my periods were irregular and the pain still persistent I saw the gp about 6 months after birth. They thought the pain was due to tissue damage or so they say I had an ultrasound which confirmed some damage erosion they said and that was that another few months past and the pain stayed mainly when lifting objects having intercourse and some days even just walking about. My periods completely stopped a year after giving birth I saw a new gp who did a few tests I had a raised ca125 of 136 she sent me for an internal ultrasound which they said they could not clearly see my ovary. Then my doctor referred me to a gynaecologist who immediately ruled endometriosis. I took the hormone replacement medication my periods returned but the pain stays I had another ca125 test which revealed my levels were now only at 74. I was told to repeat tests in 4 months and return to hospital in 7 months. But I still have pain and recently I have become fatter than ever my diet and lifestyle has not changed but I have gained around 2 stone. I also still have concerns because as well as the pain in my lower right abdomen I've notice the area looks abit more bulging than the left side even when laying flat and I've had alot of pain and discomfort in my hip itself when I stretch out my legs to the side and when walking my legs ache almost like numbness. Should I just put this down to endometriosis or could it be something more. I should also mention that around 4 years ago I had emergency surgery for ectopic pregnancy as my tube was about to rupture but they did not remove the tube itself just the pregnancy. Thank you in advance and I do apologise for the long questions

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Hello. I get horrendous right side hip pain and when I lay down I have a swelling right side. I think the swelling could be my intestines are inflamed as I had endo attached to bowel as well as other areas. I go through bouts of constipation to server diarrhea. My thighs hurt daily so bad that I can’t bare to stand for long periods of time. The pains you are describing do sound like some of the effects of endo. It affects people in different ways. I would push for further investigation. I was only diagnosed when I bleed (gushed) after sex x

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