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Fatigue....any suggestions?

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Hi all 😊😊

I don't know if I'm in the minority here but I find my chronic fatigue the absolute worst of my endo (and now adeno too) symptoms. Every day I feel hungover (even though I don't drink anymore), feel sick I'm so tired and feel like I'm wading through treacle on a daily basis. I'm booked in for my 6th lap after having my last one 3 months ago in 2 weeks yipeeeee 😊😊

So.......I thought it would be great to have suggestions that we can all use to help get through the fatigue. I would put a suggestion on but right now my brain is too foggy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Hi 😊

Fatigue is also my worst symptom. I find it completely debilitating. I've had to stop working and feel I'm only half living. I've been having a particularly bad spell this past week too and I've no idea why. I thought I was at my best before my period and best after but that's not happened this month. I've not had any treatment yet as I only got diagnosed in May. It's looking like my endo is pretty severe and infiltrating. I've been taken on by the specialist centre and I'm just waiting on them to contact me to tell me what my treatment options are. I've been told it will definitely include surgery,which scares me. What have your laps done? Have they helped? The other symptoms I have is chronic back & hip pain, which is also awful just now and abdominal pain and some gastro issues. I have no period related issues. I feel I'm a bit in the minority with that.

In terms of helping, the one thing I've found most helpful is yoga nidra. It's a type of guided meditation, no movement at all. It encourages you to fully relax and your brain to go into a sleep like state, though you aren't actually sleeping. It's the only thing I've found that helps me. After this, I feel so rested and usually my energy is a bit better. Karen Brody has developed this so well. She's wrote a book called Daring to Rest which guides you through it and you get access to 3 mediations when you buy it. If you go on her website, there's also a free meditation to try and a free guide to build a 'rest den'. This has all been the best thing ever for me.

I do all the other recommended things... My diet is vegan, gluten free, no soy, alcohol or sugar but it makes no difference at all.

I don't ever push myself. I've learned (eventually) that if I push myself, I pay hugely. So this means not planning too much.

This is so important but so difficult... I try to not do more on the good days. I know now that this will make me worse the days after (the boom & bust idea) by its so hard to hold back. I try to just stick to my little routine and not get stuck in to the housework because I have a little bit more energy.

I'm trying to not care about what others think about it all. It's hard for people to understand so I try to to not get too caught up with feeling crap when they're insensitive... It just uses up more energy. I find this difficult though.

I try to get outside each day. I think this is so important. I have recently been trying to get outside and take my shoes off so my bare feet can walk on the ground. It might sound a bit crazy but there's been some studies showing walking barefoot literally grounds us and helps reduce cortisol levels and inflammation. It feels lovely too. Some days I struggle to get out but a 20min walk is what I usually do.

Recently, I've been trying to make sure I do something enjoyable. I realised I was using my energy on things I felt I had to do but had no energy for anything fun. I've been trying to address that and have a little fun. I find this hard too! It's like I feel I should always be trying to do things to make me better but this is exhausting and isn't actually helping.

Another thing that really helps is to release any suppressed emotions. Basically to make sure your not holding on to anything as you have so little energy, you don't need anything that's draining. I think everyone is holding on to something. I do a few practices for this but the one I find best is EFT it's where you tap on the meridian points while saying particular things to bring up a feeling and then let it go. It sounds bizarre but it really does work. I recommend Brad Yates on YouTube. He's got a video for anything.

I think that's all my ideas.

I do struggle with fatigue so much. It just feels like I'm not me any more. Just writing all this has helped to motivate me to do some of these things today as I'm feeling a bit fed up.

I look forward to seeing if anyone else has some suggestions.


I love this reply I thibk your ideas are amazing. I'd walk barefoot on broken glass if the cuts woukd heal and Is be free from this zombified state.

Take care. Im going to look up your recommendations.



I definitely find the fatigue one of the worst of my symptoms, I just sleep all the time at the moment! A gentle exercise routine can help, nothing too major, even just a walk. I know it sounds super counter-intuitive, but all the research I've done for other chronic illnesses (I'm a physiologist working with chronic illnesses) it seems to help somewhat. And don't do too much on the days you feel you have bags of energy (yeah, I haven't figured out how to take that advice yet either). I find it's just getting worse each month - genuinely struggling to get through the day. Exercise helps me personally, but even that is sometimes too much if I'm being realistic. Just see how I feel on the day/hour

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