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Joint pain on zoladex


Hi all i have been on zoladex nearly a year and only been on two types off HRT ( due to unknown bleeding and pain) this has been on and off and in total on been on it for 4 months out off this year, has anyone experience joint pains on zoladex ? Considering i have been on zoladex for nearly a year i havent had a bone scan and my right shoulder has started causing me some pain and clicks a hell off a lot i cant even lay on it in bed without it popping! Could this be the zoladex?? Should i go to the doctors! I just dont want it to cause a long term effect :( had nothing but problems with this and this is effecting my job so thinking of coming off the treatment all together!

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Hello Holly12345,

Zoladex can cause a reduction in bone density which, in turn, can cause joint pain. Zoladex works by suppressing your oestrogen levels as oestrogen fuels the progression of endometriosis, but your body uses oestrogen for lots of other vital processes and maintaining bone health is one of those. This is one of the reasons why “add-back” HRT is prescribed alongside Zoladex.

You can find the manufacturer’s detailed Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPc) for Zolodex and also the Patient Information Leaflet here:

The SmPC details Zoladex’ impact on bone health and the need for patients to be monitored for signs of any reduction in bone density (i.e. the need for Dexa Scans etc.).

You should definitely contact your GP and prescribing Specialist about this asap to arrange one. I find it can be useful to take a printed copy of the manufacturer’s SmPC with me to appointments as it allows you to refer to their specific guidance on how potential Zoladex sign effects should be monitored.

Hope you get it sorted and are feeling better soon, x X x

Hi thankyou for that infomation! I have not been offered a bone scan so i think i need to ask for one as i have been on this for 1 year now and its getting worse, the problem is with the HRT i have bled and had pain on both the ones i have been prescribed so i am just waiting to here from the doctor for that xx

It can take a bit of experimentation to find a brand and formulation of “add-back” HRT that suits you. I found that I got on best with “bioidentical HRT” which is closer to your body’s natural hormones than the standard synthetic brands - it seemed to be more effective at suppressing the side effects (inc. bone density loss) with fewer side effects. It’s pricier so not prescribed as standard, but you can get it on the NHS and your GP / Specialist might think it worth a try if they want you to try and stay on Zoladex and old-school HRT hasn’t worked for you.

Best of luck, x X x

Hi Holly,

I was on Zoladex for 5 months and came off one injection early because i couldn’t deal with all of the side effects (mental and physical). Although these side effects were mentioned, I didn’t think I would experience so many of them.

About month 2 into it I had really awful hip, knee and ankle joint pain which did reduce and eventually disappeared 2-3 months after my final injection.

Because you’ve been on it much longer than I was I’d definitely say speak to your doctor to see what they suggest.

They might have something to help with the joint pain or suggest stopping Zoladex altogether.

Good luck and I hope the pain subsides for you.


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