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Lap 16/08


Got my lap booked as it was meant to be last week and got cancelled hoping it goes ahead. Just wondering do you get the option to get gas or a Jag to be put under? And I need to take a bag with me so I can stay with someone afterwards anyone know if this is kept in a safe place I don't like the idea of keeping my phone and personal items out in the open?


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Hi this happend to me aswell, only good thing is you will more than likely to be taken on this date.. I’m when I got taken down they gave me a oxygen mask and told me I would start to feel sleepy then they gave me a jag aswell ... that’s what happend to me but I would ask at your pre op .. it will depend what hospital you will be going too.. I was put in my own room and had lockers in my room so I left mine there.. also can ask this at your pre op.

Pack a little extra underwear and pj’s I was in for 3 nights so lucky I packed a little extra so didn’t have to get my family to run around and bring me more stuff in ... also take a pillow or whoever is picking u up from op tell them to bring a pillow, I never and it was the worst drive home I will never do that again, I’m so my big op soon so I’m defo taking my pillow his time 😂

Good luck xx

Hey :)

I had a lap/cystectomy back in March and in my experience I was given an oxygen mask and then the injection to put me to sleep. I don't know if it will be any different depending on the hospital you go to. And as for somewhere to put your stuff, I had a cupboard that locked next to my bed which was very handy, I would imagine most hospitals will have something similar. Would definitely recommend packing more than you think you might need, just in case you stay in longer than expected.

Hope some of that was helpful, good luck with everything!! x

Hi from my experience having surgery and being present during surgeries (im a student nurse) you get oxygen through a mask before they give you something to put you under through the IV in your hand. The reason they give you the oxygen is because once you get the injection your body is paralysed so you cannot breathe for yourself. They need to get your oxygen saturations as high as possible before this to allow them time to intubate you so your brain and other vital organs are not starved of oxygen. Dont worry though you wont notice a thing and they are very fast and skilled at it. Also you could ask the nurse to lock your phone/purse or jewerly away in the drug cupboard if you are worried but it should be fine. Good luck with your surgery!

Thanks everyone! Hopefully everything will run smoothly I'll ask at my preassment just to double check everything x

In my experience they put a cannula in your hand and then oxygen. I remember them injecting something cold via the cannula and then I woke up in recovery!

I think there is another option though. They had trouble with my cannula and they were trying to put me to sleep that way for the last time before they said they’d give me something in the mask?

I was hoping I could just get gas as I'm absolutely terrified of needles the thought of the preassment and getting bloods taken is really scaring me :( x

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Hi. I felt the same way before my pre-op. I'm terrified of needles! I was dreading it and thought 'how will I ever cope with the surgery if I'm this scared about the pre-op?' I had my pre-op last week, and I actually feel like having the bloods done has prepared me for the cannula on surgery day. I've had my bloods taken many times in the past, meaning I know what to expect. But just having them done recently has helped me to mentally prepare for the cannula. And to be honest, from my experience, I don't think a cannula is too bad. And that's coming from a total needle wimp! 😅

By all means, see if there is an alternative. But if there isn't, you can do it ✊😊 x

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Thanks. Im actually terrified I was on meds before and was told after being on them I'd have to get a blood test to make sure they weren't affecting my liver and I actually just decided to stop taking them just avoid the needle and same at the dentist I would rather have work done and suffer through it then get a Jag I'm absolutely terrified but the thought of finally getting something done to help the pain I'm in on periods makes me want to do it but I know I'm gonna find it so scary and difficult

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