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Frozen pelvis amongst other issues!!!


Hi I'm new to this forum. I was diagnosed with frozen pelvis in 2012. Since then I've had on going problems with heavy periods and pain. Recently just had an MRI scan which showed I had fibroids, cysts and fluid in both fallopian tubes my right one being worse. Also possibility of adenomyosis. I was wondering if anyone else has simular problems?

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hi. How are you doing? Have you had any treatment for your frozen pelvis? I had surgery to remove a troublesome chocolate cyst and despite a normal MRI scan they found I had full frozen pelvis, nothing could move, worse he'd seen to date and explained the pain levels. He was amazing and freed everything up and removed as much of the endometriosis as he could as well. Made a big difference I felt so much better. I had prostap for awhile and that worked well for me.thinking about ivf so not on anything at the moment. Have they said how big the cysts are?

are you on medication for the pain ? Also diet affects mine, pasta sends my pain through the roof🙉. Xx

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