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Zoladex Injections/HRT/Fowler’s Syndrome/ incontinance and retention


So since my last post two years ago some stuff has changed! I’ve had another lap which showed the endo has spread and more adhesions sticking my rectum and vagina together. I’m now under care at an endo specalist centre in London after paying privately to see Prof. Rymer once and then being referred. I am also under the team of UCLH.

I have been on Zoladex for 6 months now and there’s been no change still on tramadol daily with gabapentin and more recently oromorph. All I have had with the Zolodex is pain, unbelieveable bloating, cramping and back pain. I’m on patch hrt but still not finding any relief and wonder whether anyone had any tips???

I’m still loosing control of my bladder and more recently I have been retaining which meant that I’ve been in hospital with a catheter and now am out with self catheterisation when needed! The self catheterisation is so hard when you’re already in pain with your bladder to do especially at 22.

After seeing uclh I’ve been told I could potentially have something called Fowler’s syndrome which links with polysystic ovaries which I do have. Does anyone have any experiences with this or are they just barking up the wrong tree??

I was also told there that tramadol can cause urine retention which I’ve never been told! I’ve been on it for 4 years plus! I’m not really sure what to do about this because I’m in pain all the time still so it’s hard not to take the tramadol!

I wonder whether anyone has any suggestions re the above! Thank you!

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