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Has anyone tried Zoladex injections with HRT?


I've been put on Zoladex injections and HRT. I was wondering how along other ladies had been on it? Any relief? How long were you on it? Also any problems whenyou stopped it and was it easier to concieve after?

Thank you!!!!

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I too had zoladex for 6 months about 4 years ago,after my first lap, but didn't take the hrt so had all the side affects,which weren't too nice, but I did have relief from the endometrosis almost straight away, and no period which was a god send, I was then put on a number of different contraceptives to find the best one to help stop my symptoms coming back, and took it for 3 months at a time to avoid my period,for about 2 years only to find when I did have one every 3 months they were terrible, I then was at a point where we wanted to start a family, so for the past 1 half years we have been trying but so far no success, I had another lap in July as my new specialist (as had been referred to another hospital as the first could on longer help me) wanted to see what was going on, and unfortunately like shelly I had a frozen pelvis blader, uterus and bowel all stuck together,but cut along story short, we are now waiting for our letter from the fertility clinic, after months of tests and letters to get ivf, which should start early next year, I wish I could say we didn't need ivf,but I think its our only option,other wise I need treatment to suppress it,which then stop your cycle, but zoladex worked for me just wish I knew my partner sooner and we could have started trying after I stop zolaex, take care,

I have been on zoladex twice and whilst i was on it the pain relief was great but i didnt have HRT with it so the sideeffects were horrible. I also did not have my periods which was great i was on this for 6 months at a time. I then had to have surgery which didnot sort things out. I was never in a position to have children andhave since had a hysterectomy.I hope you get things sorted and get the chance tohave the children you want. Take care.x

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Did you find that the hysterectomy worked for you?

Hi,i am currently on zoladex,for the second time. I had it for 3 months last year but it didnt work,also the HRT gave me night sweats and achy legs. I have since had another lap to remove an ovary and fallopian tube so my gynaecologist decided we should try it again. I have had 2 injections so far and the pain relief has been fantastic. Plus no periods which is a god send in itself!! I am taking HRT again but a different one from last time and i am not having any side effects. Unfortunately i cant help with information regarding conception as i had my children before i was diagnosed x

i had 6 months of zolidex in the early 1990s and as far as i can remember didn't make that much difference....the only relief i found was continuous pill to stop all periods but could only do that for so many years. eventually had a hysterectomy at the age of 44 and have never looked back other than the hrt sort of gave me the old pain in my diaphragm but somewhat less aggresive. that niggle of a pain is still there 18 years later

I was on zolidex for almost 2 years and they never gave me hrt with in until they put me on the prostap.,.with the zolidex the only good thing was that my periods stopped...did nothing for the pain for me. and i had sweats and moodswings and weight gain. now im on prostap and hrt and its still the same the hotlfashes drive me crazy but i guess its worth it not to get periods. also the zolidex will keep the endo from growing more so thats also an added bonus. give it a go if you are up for it and good luck! x

Hi Ive been on Zolodex and hrt for about 4 months now .. Although my periods have stopped Im still in pain and discomfort.. I am currently on Zolodex and Hrt whislt waiting for a Op , I have stage 4 endo , so Im guessing as they havent operated that is why it is still playing me up I dont know .. x

I've taken zoladex twice without hrt, no side effects, it was brilliant for me, stopped my periods and the pain

Hi, I've had Zolodex on two separate occasions in my early twenties. The first after I had my ovary removed due to endo. It then came back on my other ovary, following a lap to remove the endo but try and preserve as much ovary as possible I had Zolodex again. Both times I was not given hrt so horrid side effects. After Zolodex I was given the pill which I was on for three months at a time. In my late twenties, my partner and I decided to try for a baby and we luckily fell pregnant naturally and had our first child. A few years later I had my second child. They are miracle babies given how little ovary I had left but the point of me sharing is to say dont give up hope. As horrid as endo is, if you can endure the treatments (and it is endurance!) to keep it at bay, there is still a chance you could fall pregnant. Good luck.

I've also had Zoladex on 2 separate occasions, each time for 6 months and I had Tibolone HRT both times. The HRT was great and reduced the horrible side effects like hot flushes, mood swings and night sweats. I had no periods and no pain while on Zoladex. Wish I could stay on it longer but apparently it causes a decrease in bone density. Difficult as it may be, please try and have a positive outlook and attitude. I wish you all the best.

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LadyPenelope: I am just about to start on Zoladex monthly injections with Livial add back. I notice you say it is not something you can stay on because of risk of decrease in bone density so just wondering what treatment you had after that and has it worked for you. Many thanks Amb x

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