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When do I worry if it's appendicitis?

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My pain this time is still quite left sided but I get real focal point pain on the right and it's been getting worse the last couple of days. When I saw the Consultant there was no exam and no referral for scans just the talk about options which was pushed towards a hysterectomy. I queried this right pain and he said that it was probably stemming from my remaining ovary. However, as I've not been examined or scanned I'm a tad worried it might not be endo at all but could be my appendix causing problems. I don't feel unwell as in feverish or anything just in pain. I always have a heavy feeling in my pelvis, sporadic stabbing pains up in my vagina and bum, pulling pains in my left side and some incredible screaming abdominal spasms. In my right side is is a grinding, gnawing pain that is hard to ignore, like someone twisting a knuckle in; it is this which is getting worse and it's really annoying as well as painful.

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I had appendicitis a few years ago and I couldn't walk with the pain, it came on suddenly, I had a fever and couldn't stop vomiting. If you suspect it could be appendicitis then go get it checked out, better to be safe than sorry x

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