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post-laparoscopy wounds


hi ladies, sorry for the gross picture but i had my 1st laparoscopy on the 28th june & so i’m now 11 days post op. the glue has now fallen off my wounds but i’m worried about my bellybutton wound 😭 it’s looking a little scabby & oozy & i’m so scared of infection - what do you all suggest to keep it clean? just hot water & salt? any advice is much appreciated 🙂 xxx

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hey, glad to hear you're recovering well.

I used a piece of non adhesive wound dressing, the kind you find in first aid kits like the stuff in the middle of a plaster, cut it to size so that it fits comfortably between healing bits of skin, dampen with colloidal silver spray (from amazon) it's a natural antibacterial as I found normal gels like savlon tend to make stuff go gunky and stop scabs forming. Anyways place the dampened dressing on / in between the area, this will help healing as it separates the skin and allows air to flow, change twice a day, dampen with colloidal silver if it doesn't come out / off easily, repeat until it comes out clean and the wounds look healed. you can cover it if the dressing falls out, but try to keep it uncovered as much as possible.

You can use aloe vera, witch hazel or tea tree oil (diluted), they all have the same antibacterial properties.

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