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Rectal bleeding on period?

Anyone have this with their endo? X

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Hi kitty. Yes i used to have this every month when I was younger , my periods were much heavier then.

I have not had this recently as they have become much lighter since i had my son.

I think rectal bleeding needs to be checked out even if u suspect its endo related. X


Thank you!

I have recto vaginal endo which I’m having an op to excise in just over a week.

My colorectal surgeon said it’s common I was just wondering if anyone else had it. X


Hi I get bleeding still after one year after hysterectomy still blood in stool but its intermittent not all the time so months none but got a load today not sure why pretty sure I dont have piles, I am on zoladex one week in to try to get rid of any endo on my bowel as I still have the pain I had before hysterectomy. I've had superficial endo removed before hysterectomy from uterosacrial ligament , rectum, ovary and ureter but had no pain relief after endo removal or hysterectomy I still have chronic abdo pain :{ Alot worse around emptying bladder and bowel , I frequently need the toilet all day and night very difficult. Do you get similar issues with pain ? .


Yes I do! I get pains when I can feel the urge to go to the toilet and also afterwards I get pain. It’s horrible.... My endo is in some of the same spots as yours, uterosacral ligaments, rectum etc.... I’m hoping this surgery in a week will help. Will

you have anymore laps? X


Not under an NHS gyne at the moment all difficult, after hysterectomy NHS gyne putting down to nerve pain saying no endo seen at hysterectomy last year. Pain clinic say to get referral back to gyne because of bleeding one year after hysterectomy , bowel bleeding and increase in symptoms since hysterectomy. Have had no improvement in pain after lap endo removal or hysterectomy so really feel like they are missing something.

I losing weight and taking a lot of painkillers now to function and the bowel bladder stuff does my head in. The bleeding less frequent than it used to be , now maybe once every six weeks and obvious small amount of red . It 's really not a disease that you can share how your feeling with people me and my friend were saying should have a embarrassing illness dating agency 😂😂😂

It's just the pain can't sleep or sit down without thoughts of my bowel comfort 🙄

How did they identify that you had retro vaginal endo?

Hope you don't mind me asking

Because at my hysterectomy no endo seen but then I saw a private gyne and I am on zoladex give by GP NHS as instructed by private gyne plus some vaginal HRT to stop the vaginal bleeding , so she must think endo likely to prescribe zoladex but then I read not all endo is ostrogen fed ?? Which would make sense why no improvement in full hysterectomy ,wondering if my GP can send me for any test to identify anything?


I had a laparoscopy at the end of April and that’s when I was diagnosed. Mine is severe so not hard to see lol.

I find it hard to get to sleep with the pain sometimes. It’s like my bodies attacking me- horrible.

I had a suspected fistula a few weeks ago however luckily I didn’t have one. I had a really soft stool which felt like it came from vagina but didnt. I had to go to A&E, it was so embarrassing telling the receptionist. I think I’ve jusg had poo come out of my vagina 😂 xxxx


Bloody hell that is difficult glad you managing to have a sense of humor about it though it alway makes me laugh when they go out of the room for you to get changed and give you a paper sheet to put over your stomach 😂😂 then you gotta get you legs akimbo anyway ?? And they go out so you can get dressed .... awe well they try I suppose it don't bother me talking about it but does make me feel middle aged the bowel conversations 🙄🙄😂😂💗💗 glad you not got a fistula though hopefully this surgery will sort it out.


😂 I KNOW!!!!!!!!! I went for an internal ultrasound a few weeks ago and the nurse was so concious in helping me wrap this sheet around me. I thought you’re going to shove a wand up my vagina in a minute and I’ll be able to see all my insides on a screen. I couldn’t give a fudge about a sheet lol.



Sorry to butt in but I have had that happen so many times and my GP examined me and found nothing wrong. I even have wind coming out of that end too☹️ my endo consultant will check for fistula whilst I have my lap. I literally have no dignity 😂you are not the only one if that makes you feel better. I wonder if it’s an endo thing? xoxo


I sometimes have the wind thing aswell. God knows what it is.... We forget how close everything is together down there sometimes. The bowel, bladder and reproductive organs are all sat together so I suppose if the endo is sticking bits together we will get symptoms from it. Did they say how long your next lap would be? They said 2-2 1/2 hours for mine. I’m having 3 nodules removed, POD endo excised and womb and bowel unsticking xx

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I have endo that grows on uterosacral , POD and is all over my rectum ☹️ The endo was left all over my rectum.

That is very true ; the endo nurse is concerned organs maybe sticking together 😳

No my endo consultant hasn’t indicated amount of time; they weren’t issued photos of my last lap as the quality wasn’t good enough 🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s a bit guess work 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’ve just been told to be at hospital at 7.15 am 😳

That is great they have told you exactly what they are planning to do and time frame 😊

The bowel being stuck to your womb doesn’t sound very nice poor you ☹️

Do let me me know you get on.

Hope it goes well xoxo


SOrry to ask a question on your post but while you both here Jess1981 and kittykat8989 do you get symptoms all month or just on periods or worse during periods ? just trying to work out what my situation is I know The endo that was removed from me was superficial and made no difference to pain after it was removed just seeing if my symptoms are anything like either of yours? I am wondering if something was missed or mine is something totally different I just have all the symptoms Of retro vaginal endo when I google it . Has either of you been put on zoladex. Thankyou for any help you can give sorry again for hijacking a bit just not often you get to chat about glorious bowel issues 😖😖😖😂😳

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Ask away!!! I’m more than happy to help. I’m a bit of an unusual case as I don’t have bad periods. HOWEVER I do get pain all month long... always constipated, pain with bowel movement, left sided pelvic pain, nerve pain, back pain... it’s crap. Hence having the laparoscopy and hopefully ridding me of some of the pain xx


Aha I have never had bad periods either I has always been left side pain in bowel sometimes bladder that has increased now since full hysterectomy that's why I'm really confused about endo. The gyne that was meant to do the hysterectomy was an endo specialist but she was off sick so i got a bsge gyne but not endo specialist , no endo was seen during hysterectomy. I get left side pain and urge to open bowels 24/7 and bladder pain so up constantly in night for wee which is really painful afterwards at night ??? Thought after hysterectomy it would change but symptoms all worse. Was told I had adenomyosis and post ablation syndrome causing pain and bowel and bladder problems but then after hysterectomy they said womb all fine. I think something's been missed, I'm on tramadol and dihydracodine and it's still so painful especially mornings when I have to open bowels 3-10 times 🙄🙄🙄 thankyou for you answer I feel less mental now as was feeling how could it be endo if no improvement after lap or hysterectomy but I think they could have missed something only a week and a half into zoladex so will see but I read not all endo is oestrogen fed anyway.


Goodness gracious me, my heart goes out to you. To still be in pain after having such a big op like a hysterectomy, your frustration and anguish must be through the roof.

I’m not sure if this could be an option for you, but I went to a specialist scanning centre in London and those guys are genius at spotting endometriosis! They blew my mind what they could see. I think it cost around £200 (I’ll private message you the details later) but they found more than my lap did so may be worth a visit??!

I’ve been on Zoladex for just over 7 weeks now, haven’t had any nasty side effects but pain hasn’t improved greatly, purely because of the nodules which hurt when I sit in certain positions and move. I take all I can to help which is why I went for the Zoladex, it could be doing all sorts of good on the inside xx


Hi lovely, would you be able to message me the details of the specialist please xx



Did you want the details of the ultrasound guy I saw? Or the endo and bowel specialisists? X


Ultrasound please xx


Ask away! Oh I know endo is such a glamorous disease 😂😂😂

I’m so sorry to hear you are still suffering.

I’ve had 2 laps so far and about to have my third one in 13 months! And I’ve like you had no relief from pain & symptoms. 😩

My bowel issues are at their worse a week leading up and during my period. I get other symptoms such as chronic pain on my lower left which happens throughout my cycles.

I’m not taking any contraceptive as I have been actively trying for a baby for nearly seven years doesn’t help with my symptoms. (I had a chemical pregnancy last year. Endo loved that 🤦🏽‍♀️)

I don’t know when you had your lap but unfortunately endo can regrow. unfortunately mine has got worse each but again I’m not on the pill to help prevent it from growing and also it was left both times on my rectum; it is now all over it 🤢

I found my endo specialist wasn’t taking my severe symptoms seriously and went to my GP and she wrote to my endo consultant and now it’s considered urgent and I got a date within 2 weeks of the letter.Sometimes we have to push when we know it’s not okay.

Can you contact your specialist and failing that your GP could write a letter of concern over pain & symptoms.

Please do not feel it’s in your head; I had so many medics tell me endo couldn’t regrow so quickly after my first lap ; it did. Trust that you know your body best ❤️

Good luck keep me posted xoxo


Thankyou for your reply it's such a niche subject thank goodness for the Internet. It's all so confusing and referrals take so long I'm in Brighton and there is no bsge endo center near really was seeing a really good endo specialist and was referred to so colorectal endo specialist over a year ago before hysterectomy but since endo gyne left referrals are just cancelled and the colorectal endo specialist no longer works on NHS :(

Hussled by my GP And referred by private Gyne finally have a colorectal appointment in July but not with endo specialist so will see. Thinking maybe I should pay to see the colorectal endo specialist first I can only afford a consultantation but then maybe he can pass on findings to NHS colorectal dr. Otherwise I'm worried it'll jus take be like seeing a normal gyne and they'll just fob me off..... and give me bloody amiltriptilene again 😡😡😡😡😡😡 like it's the cure all 😖😖 hope you both get some better care from this lap 💗💗💗 sound like it's been a hard time getting diagnosed for you two too think we'll all be experts in letter writing by the time we get through this.


Yes every single month ☹️ and I have endometriosis all over my rectum. ☹️

I have my third lap 2 weeks tomorrow as my symptoms it is now considered urgent hence I’m not waiting 8 months.

This time with an endo specialist and I hope it’s not deep endo and he can remove all the endo.

I have also been referred to a colorectal specialist over this symptom and other bowel issues but have been instructed by my endo nurse to take this surgery as my wait to see a colorectal specialist could be a while and this surgery will give them a clearer picture of what is going on.

Sorry to waffle on hope it it helps a bit xoxo


Please waffle away, I find talking to others about their experiences really helps me.

I met with my colorectal surgeon a few days ago and he was amazingly lovely! Said rectal bleeding is very common, nevertheless still a worry when it happens! I’ve got some rectal nodules and he’s confident they can just be shaved off, but obviously won’t know for sure until the procedure 😳 xx

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I freak out every time I see it!!! 😩

It’s so frustrating that you have to be “opened” up before they can see what needs to be done.

It’s such shame there isn’t a less invasive way to check beforehand 🤦🏽‍♀️

My endo consultant is going in alone and if it’s deep he won’t be able to remove it and I will like you need more surgery if it’s worse than is expected 😳

Good luck with the laparoscopy I hope it can be dealt with there and then 🤞🏻 xoxo


Thank you!!! I have a lot of faith in my surgeons but still nerve wracking. I can’t concentrate on anything at the moment as it’s all I can think about.

It’s come around so quick, but at least I can get it done and dusted. I’m trying to manage my expectations aswell, as although I think the op will help a lot of my pain. I think my bowel will still be Irritable so just need to find a way of managing that x

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I know the feeling I worry too. This will be my third lap in 13 months 😳I hope he can remove it all from my bowel. 🤞🏻

The symptoms &pain can be so awful so I completely relate that you want it resolved , suffering in such pain gets you down☹️

Cutting out gluten and dairy has helped a little bit with bowels.

All the best with your lap I hope it’ eases your pain & symptoms . Lots of ladies do get relief from surgery 😊

Let me know how you get on xoxo


Yes I get this too,😔, it started about a year ago and my lap last month showed endometriosis all over my rectum


It’s such an overwhelming condition physically, emotionally and mentally. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s hard. I feel

my body is not my own anymore... Ive had so many internals and scans this year I’ve lost count.

I’ve got my big excision surgery a week tomorrow and I’m so so nervous.... got to stay in hospital for 3 nights 😳. I’m hoping that will give me long term relief x


I have never been diagnosed but had rectal bleeding during periods for many years. In fact my rectum bled before I actually started bleeding from the front by a few hours or so. I did query with a dr but she decided I didn’t need messing about down there at my age, I was early 40’s. If you can get it checked do.


Thank you! Yes I was told it’s quite common with endo by the specialists so I’m trying not to worry to much. I’ll know more after my lap x


Yes!!!! I thought i was the only 1..when I asked my mum and friends if it was normal or if it happens to them but they all looked at me like I was strange. I have gyne appointment wednesday been waiting for months so fingers crossed I can get things sorted waiting on my appointment for laparoscopy and im so nervous.


Lol yes I thought it was “normal” and when I spoke to my family they were like nope we don’t get that!

Lovely old endo hey and all it’s glorious symptoms... on the funny side I’ve lost all inhibitions talking about stools, rectal bleeding, nodules up my vagina etc 😂.


😂😂😂😂😂🙋‍♀️ yep me too!!! At least I no I'm not going mad coz I was starting to feel like I was making it up!!! I'm so glad I joined this group coz I can relate to people finally!!!


I've just recently been diagnosed with severe endo through orthopaedics referral for my severe back pain so I've not yet had any proper info about my endo. I've long wondered if I have rectal bleeding, obviously I didn't know I had endo so have just always dismissed my concerns. I've just never been 100% sure and wondered if I could ask some questions that you tend not to ask anyone!

So, I can't wear tampons anymore, it's like they don't fit, like there's not enough space. They just poke out which is really uncomfortable. That's been for the past 4 years, which is as long as I've had all my health issues (fatigue, abdominal pain /bloating, back & hip pain, as as weird things like rashes, eye twitches etc). I gave up trying and now only use towels. When my period starts, I always have a day where I have lots of bowel movements, quite urgent at times, with quite a bit of of pain. After these bowel movements, when I wipe, I've always thought there's a lot of blood, but have never been able to know for sure if it's just my period blood that's got there or if its actually from my bum. It's only ever on that first day off my period, when it's at its heaviest and only after a bowel movement. I thought that it's probably not rectal bleeding as it's just that once but I've never asked about it or told anyone.

Is what I described what it's like?

I feel a bit silly that I've never looked until this before. It's funny what you just put down as 'normal' 🙄


Exactly my issue to knowing whether it was coming from my bum or not, despite trying various tactics to try to detect it! So glad you asked 😁 I get more of the supposed IBS symptoms with both ovulation and period, and during period I often get quite a lot of blood when I wipe after bm on first day or two when I'm heavy out front too. So like you, thought maybe it had just sort of slipped round! One time I was pretty convinced because what was coming out front was turning brown and out back was fresher. Then I had a much lighter period last time due to prostap and it was much easier to detect that it definitely was coming from rear end and had small clots in it. Apologies for tmi but shows how important it actually is to share. Undiagnosed currently but this discovery has made me feel more confident pushing forward for requesting a lap at my next gynae appt.

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Yes, I'm so glad you wrote this too, we need to share. We really shouldn't be ashamed. My 'bum blood' (😂😂😂) seems a different colour too, much redder.

I've had ibs in the past, I do think it was ibs back then. My lifestyle was pretty unhealthy but I did a gut healing diet and was completely ibs symptom free for about 10 years. My digestion is still completely fine but I get this bloating and pain that I never got when I had ibs. This all kicked off for me 4 years ago. I saw gastro who said it was ibs after ruling out lots of things. I did all the ibs things, fodmap diet, meditation you name it but nothing helped, until, a GP suggested endo and refered me to gynae, I went on the pill back to back for 9 weeks in the lead up to the lap and my abdominal issues completely resolved. The lap didn't find endo I stopped the pill and since then it's gradually got worse.

It makes sense now but for the last 2 years I've been so stumped why I've been ill.


Yes, I often wondered if it was just my period blood moving around the back. But obviously they won’t know the severity of my Bowel endometriosis until then have a look. I’ve had scans and they’ve said it doesn’t look infiltrating so I just hope and pray it will be relatively straightforward shaving my rectal nodule off. Its about 1cm at the moment. Are you having a laparoscopy? X


I also thought maybe I should have looked into it sooner but hey ho! Can’t turn back time, just need to move forward with a treatment plan. It seems to be common so although scary I wouldn’t say it’s anything out of the ordinary with this condition x


My journey to diagnosis has been complicated. I had a lap 2 years ago and nothing was found. I was later referred to orthopaedics due to my hip/back pain and had an mri which discovered the endo. I see the gynae a week on Tues, the same one who did my lap I k hopefully get some answers.

Like you, I'm just hoping it's not too deep & not done to much damage to my bowel. I know that for it to visible on mri means it's deep but just hopefully not too bad 🤞🏻

Good luck with your surgery. I hope it can all be removed and you get your health back. X


Thank you! I shall report back when I’ve had it. Was warned my bowel would be a bit all over the shop for a couple of months as it’s pretty sensitive. But I can live with that.

Looking forward to not using the terms “bowel movements” and “rectal nodules” anymore lol x

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