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Endometriosis and abnormal smear


Hi i am currently under my doctor been refered for tests to diagnose endometriosis and have also just received my smear tests back as abnormal and need to go for urgent scans. Can any one tel me if they could be linked I am going out of my mind with worry and can't get an appointment with my doctor. I have a son that isn't even two and I am so worried it could be more. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you

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Did the smear results tell you the grade the cells are? I had the same issue, my results came but the grade letter got lost in the post and I was terrified it was something worse cos I had all the symptoms. But when I got to the hospital it only turned out to be low grade and they didn't even need to do anything with them after examination, so I worried for nothing. A friend of mine had high grade and they were able to lazer them away before they turned into anything else. Hope your ok 😘 xxx

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