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Longest cycle. Should I be concerned?

I'm probably just being overly worried here but it's appreciate any advice. I have a health tracker that tracks my period. I dint usually pay much attention to it but I've been trying to be a bit more aware of my symptoms & cycle and realised that my period was due last week and it's still not come. My cycle us usually quite short 26-28 days. I'm very regular and have never been late in the 30 years I've bled (I'm nearly 40). I'm now at 32 days. This has never happened with me and I'm starting to wonder what's going on.

I'm not on any medication, not on the pill. I've had all my usual period symptoms the past 2 weeks so I keep thinking it's going to start but nothing is happening. I feel like I've got my period but no blood. I've also not had any menopause type symptoms so I don't think it's that.

I don't usually have heavy periods. Since all my health issues started 4 years ago, my period has been much lighter and shorter and been less of the fresh blood and more dark.

I only got diagnosed with severe endo about 6 weeks ago by an orthopaedic Dr (from a mri) and haven't spoke to anyone who can actually tell me what's going on yet. I've got an appointment with the gynae in 2 weeks. When I got my mri read out, they said they couldn't locate my ovaries.

I'm DEFINITELY not pregnant.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hey :)

Have you been under a lot of stress lately? Stress can delay your period. Mine has always been quite irregular so I don't tend to worry about mine. In recent months though I've noticed my cycle has been getting longer.

I had my lap on the 7th and my period was due on the 8th, although this was with a 28 day cycle prediction (the app I use works on averages I think) and lately it's been more a 30-32 day cycle. I seemed to have had my usual warning sign, which states my period will be the next day, the day before my operation and I thought typical just my luck. However the lap seems to have scared it away, my period still hasn't come! Now on day 40. Which is very unusual for me but I'm putting it down to the stress of the operation, even though I was asleep my body would have been under a great deal of stress. I need to see a doctor tomorrow about one of my incisions so I plan to mention it while I'm there just to make sure it's not a sign of a complication.

If you didn't previously take much notice of your period is it possible that you might not have noticed other long cycles? If you've used the tracker for a while it might be worth going back and having a look to see if this has happened before.

I know you said you are definitely not pregnant but if there is even the slightest chance try taking a pregnancy test, just in case?

If you are worried though I would recommend visiting your GP.


Thanks for your reply. I'm 100% not pregnant. Sex has been off the table for a long time unfortunately as its just impossible due to pain and lack of 'space', plus I feel awful.

I've had my fitness tracker for 2 years and over that time my longest cycle was 29 days. I know it seems a bit daft getting worried over a few days but it is just so unusual for me.

As for the stress... I don't think there's been a time in the last 5 years where I've not been under stress!! It's been a crazy time and being ill has just caused so many issues. My contract with work was terminated last week due to my health but it's been leading up to that for 6 months so although it's been stressful, I've definitely not been any more stressed than before, if anything it was actually a relief in some ways. I've had some crazy stressful things happen and it's never affected my cycle. I guess sometimes we can be affected by it and not be that aware. Like what's happening with you, even though you were unconscious, your body has still experienced a trauma and could still be impacted by it. Bodies are funny things!

I'm sure I'm just worrying unnecessarily. If I didn't have the endo diagnosed last month, I'd probably not be looking into it so much.

Ive got the gynae in 2 weeks anyway so at least I can tell him all my worries then! 😂 I hope he doesn't think it'll be a short appointment as I'll have a lot of questions!



Nothing wrong with being concerned about it! If your body is usually a set way and it changes then it's only right to be a little worried. I would be too if it wasn't for the fact my body does things like this anyway.

It might even be the fact you are worried specifically about your period being late. Just that one extra thing on top of everything else.

I think the best thing to do is to try and put it out of your mind, no doubt it will start when it is most inconvenient!

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I think you have it for long time

Did you get pregnant before ?


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