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Endometriosis and horse riding


Hello everyone!

I am due to have a laparoscopic diagnostic (and hopefully removal) of the endometrium the consultant thinks I have in August/September time. My symptoms are nausea, horrendous cramps in my uterus and lower back, awful periods and constant bleeding throughout my pill packets. Since I have gotten back into horse riding recently, my symptoms have gotten a lot worse, more painful cramps, more nausea (especially in the evenings) and more bleeding (especially straight after I’ve gotten off the horse). I’ve tried to do research on whether horse riding is something I should continue or not as some people say it’s good to be ‘getting everything out’ and others are saying that it’s tearing the leasions I possibly have and will be leaving more scar tissue for it to grow on.

I’ve booked an appointment to see my gp for 29th June for more pain relief and hopefully some info on this, but I don’t know whether I should carry on until then.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated

:) thank you x

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