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Endometriosis treatment. PETRIFIED


I've suffered with extremely painful periods since I first started at the age of 12! (I'm now 23) the doctors put me on mefenamic acid which worked but then I grew amune. Two years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis and told I needed surgery to try and help with it (plus I suffer with painful cysts) it helped loads I was pain free for a good year and a half then the periods became excruitating again and I even ended up being rushed into hospital. I felt like I'd gone back 18 months. Anyway, they now have suggested Zoladex injections. I have heard mixed stories and I'm scared. Me and my partner really want children. I'm booked in to talk to the doctors about it but does anyone have any experience???

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Hi Rachel, I've just had my first Zoladex implant this week, I am surprised this has been suggested for you if you want to have children, I am 45 and my children are 20 and 11. The effect of the medical menopause does reverse when stopped, but I would discuss this again with your specialist. Hope this helps. X

Thank you. Half of me is considering trying for a child first and then having the treatment x

Yes definitely discuss trying for a baby as Zoladex would delay this, you cannot risk becoming pregnant whilst on this drug. Good luck. X

Thank you x

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