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So a quick removal of a cysts size of a orange turns out that I have endometriosis, so bad that it has caused my bowel to drop and stick in wrong position. My tubes and ovaries are badly damaged and I have been told chances of conceiving are minimal as I have had endro for at least 10 years! i spent years going back and forward to doctors appointment telling them how painful my periods was and no one listened now I know why!

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Im so sorry to gear your news. How old are you? Have they removed the endo?

Im waiting for a lap and im terrified of getting news like this xxx


I'm 28, I have just finished 6 month course of injections to clear it and have appointment at hospital next week! My consultant has been brilliant, as my periods due to start now treatment has finished if I have any symptoms I can bypass the doctors go straight to hospital for checks! My next check up November will see what the next steps are!

If you have a good consultant they will talk you through it all give you the best advise! Im glad I found out as the doctors kept fobbing me off as if my pain was normal which now I know it wasn't and that it's not just in my head and that actually I have a medical issue!


Iv cancelled ny lap for times because im terrified but i no i need to pull nyself together and gave it this time.

how did you find it?

Do many people get told there is absolutley bo way of getting pregnant and they do so with the right treatment so can you 🍀

Iv had my paid for 7 years xxx


Hi, I'm glad you have some answers, are you seeing a specialist ENdo gyne at a bsge centre, or General gyne,

It's very complex when it involves the bowel, and a general gyne will not, or should not operate on certain types of Endo,



I had the same problem I was going to my doctors for years telling them something wasnt right but they wouldnt listen took 4 years to even be sent to a gynecologist and when i was i had severe endo on my bowel and ovaries, I always think i wouldn't be in the process of ivf now if they will have listened from the start, keep strong hun, xxx


Thanks all, it's shame that doctors don't listen! Ivf not available to me as I do have a daughter who's 7 They were surprised I even conceived first time, however 6 years of trying and nothing but finally I felt I have answers! Good luck to you all!

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So sick tonight. Terrible cramps.55yrs of age should not be having to deal with period pains. Think I am going to give birth to a baby.. This is terrible


Hi there ive had endometriosis for about 10 months now im constant back and forth from docs and hospital. Ive had keyhole surgery to get them took out. Ive now been told i cant get IVF cos ive awready got a child im devistated. Ive just been giving Decapeptyl today and i want to know while this last for 3 months can i not fall pregnant?


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