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so had stage 4 endo, a bicornurate uterus and I found out recently I had adenomyosis, March 15th had a hysterectomy but kept ovaries, was so hopeful it wld work so much so I booked myself and my family a holiday to Florida this aug and don't know how I'm goni cope round all the parks, 1st 2 weeks after surgery were amazing I felt great no pain apart from surgical pain but I was coping with very little pain meds, since then I have continued to go down hill rapidly to the point where I'm so much worse than I was b4, the pain is horrendous I feel like an old woman, my youngest is only 2 n I can barely lift him cos the pain I feel from my bk, hips, belly and legs, I have 2 be sitting when I hold him, if really made a mess of my skin on my stomach from hot water bottle, it was bad b4 the op but I'm constantly topping up with boiling hot water just for any kind of relief, I'm on morphine for the pain and even that has stopped working, I'm at my wits end, I was due to see endo specialist again in November but my go has had to get him to rush me thru n now i see him July. just had to rant, today is a very very bad day all of been able to do is shuffle around the house or lay on couch with my 2 year old whilst my other 2 kids were at nursery and skool 😢

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Oh you poor thing. That's so weird you had such a good response initially. Other than the surgery has anything else changed? Like new mediation or anything.

I know how devastating it can be when you miss out on things you've planned or can't have the good time you'd hoped for. It's so unfair.

I really hope you get some sense of what's causing all this and, more importantly, get something That will help. At least you're seeing the consultant before the holiday. Really hoping for you 🤞🏻

Have you had seen your GYN after surgery ? I think there must be an answer for this pain. Also try to change your diet, I have read so many stories here with pain free after changed diet.

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