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Got stage 4 endo


Ive got stage 4 endo, i was in hospital and got discharged yesturday. While i was in the hospital, i got only given pain relief treatment but nothing else. Its been 24hours that ive got discharged but in a lot of pain doctors told me they are waiting for the laser machine still. What do you think i should do??? I feel weak blown up and pain. Also feel breathless.. im actually going to lose my mind im fed up!

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Have you just been diagnosed? There are a lot of things that may help but it depends of what your symtoms are and what's causing them (if you know). For example, I have severe endo too (just diagnosed but been trying to live with it for years). I have daily back and hip pain, which I think it due to adhesion. I know that sitting/standing too long can aggravate this, yoga helps me loads and if it's really bad, I'll take codeine. I also see a chiropractor which really helps with this.

I also get abdominal pain. This can flare up to horrendous pain and swelling. It usually lasts a few days and seems to be more likely the week before my period. Sometimes buscopan helps- I think the swelling can start off spasms that it calms down. I don't find painkillers help so I just try ride it out and rest loads, lots of water and gentle stretching. Meditating helps me cope with the pain.

Maybe if you share a bit about your symptoms and what you're experiencing, people can give you some advice.

It sucks! But there is a lot of support and experience on here. I'm sure someone will be able to offer some help.

Hewfer in reply to weekari

Ive been didiagnosed with it for yrs. Its now surrounded my whole womb and intestine. No meds help me out no more. Im in severe pain

Tillyfloss in reply to Hewfer

hi. How you doing ? With stage 4 endometriosis you should be being treated at a bsge centre ( if your in the UK? ). I have stage 4 and a year ago yesterday I had surgery, like you my womb was surrounded, everything in my pelvis cavity was fused together ( frozen pelvis). The surgeon was brilliant and I've had mostly a pain free year since. What pain relief are you? Have you been seen by the pain team? Diet helps me as its still on my bowel and is to far gone for surgery but with careful planning its behaving at the moment. It's a very individual disease but plenty can be done you just have to find out what works best for you. When was your last surgery? Xx

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