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Conceiving with endometriosis

Hello lovely endo warriors!

Had my lap in mid January and was told to stop taking the pill and try to get pregnant. We haven't been actively trying but will be soon, although I'm not taking any contraceptive and haven't since January.

Just wandering if anyone had any advice or things that helped them conceive with endometriosis? I've had mine removed but still worried about being able to get pregnant. There's loads online about avoiding plastic containers etc? It seems so random. But any advice would be really appreciated.


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Avoid things like flaxseeds etc which boost estrogen. Unfortunately we never got pregnant again in 10yrs of trying but it can happen (my boss fell just before hysterectomy was due as result of pain). Any natural aids you can try acupuncture etc worth a shot, also LadyCare Stones meant to help with endo (wish I had known sooner). Just don’t stress trying to conceive and best of luck xxxx


What are lady care stones?

Thanks so much for your reply xx



Magnet which sits in your underwear.


Ah thank you, I already have one of these but might start using it again. Its not comfortable with my uniform for work though. I'm a nurse and moving around a lot so if it's on my underwear but I'm wearing a dress and tights it really isn't practical. I can wear it on my days off though. Thanks so much for your replies, lots of people are following this thread but not many replies so thanks so much for spending the time replying. I really appreciate it xxx


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