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merina fitted this week. Is it normal to get more pain when I’m physically active?

Hi everyone!! I have just had my first mirena fitted this week, since being diagnosed with endo in March. I’m 40 and have had symptoms for about 20 years. I see now that I was being naive but I wasn’t expecting much pain! How wrong I was!!! Had to have a local anaesthetic for insertion and nearly passed out twice that day from the extreme pain. (Felt worse than labour pains!) The pain has lessened each day. Today (4 days after insertion) I decided to do some gentle gardening and I’m in terrible terrible agony again! Should I be worried about this or is it normal for exercise to exacerbate the symptoms?

Thanks in advance xx

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Hi, I’ve been using the Mirena for years and I no longer get any trouble from it, in fact it’s great. But in the early days gardening was almost certain to set off pain. I think it’s the crouching over that does it. Weeding is the worst. I found I just needed to be very careful for a while.

I suggest trying a kneeling pad when you are weeding. Something that means you don’t bend over as much in the tummy area.

I hope it settles down soon.


Thank you so much Fabbird! I feel reassured now! I was so worried I’d done something bad!! I find it amazing that people without endo opt to use it as a choice for contraception!! It’s been quite traumatic! And I wasn’t even stressed about it beforehand!!

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