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No endo found

So I had my lap yesterday an it turns out i dont have endo (yay)

Took them 5 hours to discharge me even tho i was ready after 2 hours. They wouldnt tell me what consultant had done during surgery.

Hubby kicked off after 5 hours of waiting and they decided to ring the consultant who said i have scarring around my appendix and will see me back in 8 weeks to discuss my options.

Feeling like a total fraud and im in a lot of pain. Glad i dont have endo but feel like Im still no better off.


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Could the scarring be adhesions? These can stick things together and cause problems that way? My first lap, non-specialist, said I had adhesions to my bowel and removed these. This gave me instant relief as they had been impeding my bowel function and pulling on the other organs they were attached to. A second lap found adhesions and endo (probable cause of adhesions). The endo was on my pouch of Douglas so easy to miss if you don't know what you were looking for.

You are not a fraud. If you were in pain you were in pain. If it wasn't endo then you can cross that off the list and move on towards a cure.

Good luck!

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I was seen by an endo specialist, cant remember exactly what he said on phone as i was so drugged up but do remember him saying scarring and appendix.

When i rung this morning to ask about dressings the nurse on phone said that the work they done was very invasive so not sure what exactly was done 🙈

Will know more in 8 weeks on my follow up appt xx


Just tack it as ur very lucky as endo is the worst ever

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True you can also get endo just on the appendix. If there are adhesions can you get it removed??? Worth asking.


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