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Suspected endometriosis


I have always had tummy pain for as long as I can remember! When I was 15 I had a chat removed and appendix... then 9 months later had a laparotomy for twisted intestine and knotted bowel caused from adhesions... so i use a hot wster bottle every day to try to help pain! I'm 36 now and the last 6 weeks I've had numbness in my thigh along with increased pain in my pelvic region, my gynae says I'm negative for the CA125 test for cancer but have cysts on ovaries and 2 indecisive smears! After 3rd scan I've been told i have extra thick lining of my uterus and things are being investigated... but my leg pain is excruciating and gives way through numbness!

I'm wondering what should I ask my gynaecologist at next appointment? And does anyone else have similar symptoms...


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iv had simular with the abnormal smear i also have hpv ... with investigations into that thet found thickening of lining (hyperplasia) and i have 17 out of 19 of the pain signs/symptoms of endometriosis:( so currently awating laporoscopy.... i get like a cramp tight annoying pain in groin higer leg but no numbness .... whats your tummy pain like ? ..... As far as what to ask her ... advice on pain mangement ... im guessing they will give you further info on more tests.... hope you get some answers and feel better .... if you need to chat im free any time xx

Clarezee in reply to elizal

Hi Elizal, thankyou for replying... im sorry to hear you have 17 of the 19 endo symptoms, i understand the pain in your groin as that too is a symptom i have when curled up in pain!

My tummy pain is as if something is pulling my insides downwards and intense sharp stabbing pains with bloating...its so draining and interferes with my daily life due to being unable to do anything without a hotwater bottle and unable to walk! I get the stabbing pain in my right thigh also. I will ask about pain management as it's getting increasingly worse and de-illitating!

I have also noticed that I tend to get hot and cold sweats about 1week before a period, however, I also have irregular bleeding so not sure when my actual periods are anymore! I hope your laparoscopy gives you an answer to your symptoms... let me know how it goes. x

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