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Advice does anyone else have these symptoms?



I haven't posted in a while been really struggling still trying to work but since Friday my symptoms have been getting so much worse I started getting a sharp pain higher up in my right side above my pelvic bone as well the overall pain which was so severe I couldn't sleep at all. I take Zomorph tablets, Oral morph, Duleotine and Nefopam Hydrochloride for the pain. My stomach is so swollen I have been struggling to wear anything but stretchy pants pain continued to be horrendous Saturday and Sunday still the odd sharp pain high in my right side as well. By Tuesday when I finally woke up after managing to sleep more than 2 hours my entire lower back was hurting so much I couldn't move the pain in my stomach is now up to my belly button I've been sick a few times keep going very dizzy and fainted yesterday my back and stomach are very sore to touch I've barely been eating I have had a migraine Tuesday and Wednesday. Also today i now have brown clots. Normally my pain is not this high up and it does go in my back but not to this extreme it's really killing me. I have been referred to a BSGE centre and I'm waiting for 2 operations as they think it may have spread to bowel and bladder. I do really struggle to urinate I have to force it out even if I'm desperate it comes out like a trickle and i never feel I can fully empty my bladder. I have blood when I open my bowels not just on the tissue but also in the toilet. Sorry for the details! The hospital near me is not specialised and has treated me so awfully in the past or just sent me home as they say they cannot help me there. I don't know what to do I can't get through to my consultant or an appointment with my Gp I'm in such awful pain I would go to the hospital now but just don't think they will do anything to help me there?

Does anyone know whether this is a ruptured cyst I've had one before and I was in this much pain ? Or could it be a problem with my kidneys? Or is it just endo? Please I really need your advice?

Thank you


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It could be a ruptured cyst however it could also be something completely unrelated like appendicitis? If in that much pain with all that pain relief may be worth a hospital trip or a 111 call?

Rach1701 in reply to KelseyJade

Thank you I will call them and see what they think I've been holding out on my consultant ringing me back but still nothing. I would rather drive an hour away and see them as I know they will help me

I really think you need to see a doctor ASAP. Do you have drop in clinics nearby or could you call the NHS on 111 for advice? Symptoms sound terrible. Don't leave it any longer. X

Rach1701 in reply to VW17

Thank you for the advice I promise I will get seen and let you know how I get on. I'm just so stubborn and I don't want to be treated badly there again I've been through enough x

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