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Newbie here seeking help


Hi all, Newley diagnosed with endometriosis although symptoms have been worsening for years. We’d been trying for a baby for 4 years before scans confirmed my left ovary was attached behind my uterus and right ovary covered in adhesions from previous surgery on it. Every month the pain gets worse to the point I passed out yesterday, I genuinely thought I was going to explode with pain. So to cope with this week I take every prescribed drug given and I struggle to stay awake.. I’m only 25, can’t have children and can’t hold down a job as I have to take off time for my period every month.. I wanted to work in mental health after losing my husband to suicide 3 years ago but now it seems like my whole life and career is over. How do you ladies cope with life and work? Are there working from home opportunities? I really appreciate any advice thank you x

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Hi beaharvey,

I am sorry to hear you are suffering.

In addition to our forum we also run support groups and our helpline is you ever need anyone to talk to:

There is a newly diagnosed online support group running this evening as well:

You might also find our endometriosis and the workplace leaflet a useful

Best Wishes,

M Mary

Volunteer Moderator

Hello there dear! How are you? I hope that things are fine for you... Well at least as fine as it gets! I am really sorry to hear your story. The way this disease has affected your life is just unfair... I am sorry a million times... However there might be still hope! That thought alone has kept me going. A whole ago I had a surgery and they removed my uterus... It was shaming, hurtful as bad as it gets... However as qe speak right now I am doing surrogacy. Our surrogate is already pregnant and things have taken a new turn for me it seems. Maybe they will for you too... Try not giving up hope. God bless you dear! Hope things are going to smoothen soon... 😊

beaharvey in reply to Alessia

Hi Alessia, thank you for the lovely kind message. I’m pleased to hear you’ve got a successful surrogate and my fingers are crossed for you! X

Alessia in reply to beaharvey

No problem deary! Hope things go fine for you too! God bless you... :)

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