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Does anyone else have days with massive hormone surges? I feel so sad and just sit and cry and feel as if I want to burst. I am constantly hot, I take Norgeston every day for my Endo, I get stressed about my mood swings, no two days are ever the same, some days in in utter pain and can't function, other days no pain but hormonal as hell. I can't make social commitments i dread it, I try to avoid social activity s with friends as if I'm having a bad day i can't cope with people. I look fine on the outside, but my head is like scrambled eggs. There is no explaining ENDO TO OTHER people, unless you have it they don't get it.......I'm having a bad time at the moment, I'm not sure weather to see a councillor???? Is there such a thing? I feel dreadful

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I feel like this at times , probably why I have been on antidepressants for years. I get a horrible feeling that I can't express ,I get so angry I just feel I need to shut myself away because I know I can' control it . Endo is like being on a rollercoaster of pain and emotion and yes I completely agree you can't explain to people who don' have it . It litteraly takes over everything. I hope your not feeling to bad today. Xx


Yes I have this too. It's so frustrating not knowing how I'll feel day to day. Somedays I could (and often do!) cry at the slightest thing. I feel angry too sometimes as as though everyone is annoying. Sorry no suggestions but just wanted you to know you're not alone xx


I'm with you. It got to the point if I hadn't have gone on antidepressants then I would have killed myself. I love helping others and interacting but when my mood changes I hate everyone. I dont want to make small talk, I dont want to deal with the pettiness of life and people. It is sad.

Y0ure not alone xxx


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