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Pelvic pain


So I seen the gynaecology again on Wednesday and I have been put into "chemical menopause" for 4 months even though the gynae is convinced that my pain is not gynae related, which my doctor and I know is. I have researched this and all I keep getting is endometriosis which I have been told I don't have this as there is no pattern to my pain. So what else could I have been put into menopause for? If the pain goes what does this prove? What are the symptoms of menopause apart from hot flushes? How long before the injection starts working? I got the injection on Thursday and have been having some slight bleeding which started a few hours after injection, is this normal?

Sorry for all the questions but my gynae is of really no help at all, he doesn't seem to have a clue.

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I had induced menopause, and BAM!!! Within 24 hours hot sweats,no sleep, headache,tears,it was horrible, I ended up with HRT tablets, they calmed it down a little, I was in induced menopause for a year, it totally messed me up, my body has never been the same since, it turns off the pituitary gland and 6 years later it's still not right.

Hi, its normal :) i was also treated with zoladex and a few days after i was bleeding. The only thing is that u have to check ur temperature, dr said its bad if it goes up. I only did 3 months and after that i was just waiting for my period, but no luck the doctor had to induce my period 😕 . Now im trying to get pregnent . Side effect of zoladex were alopecia arepa, i been very stress and my hair its been falling like crazy 😩. Also pain in my bones , and light headaches.

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