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Problem with DWP

I am writing this on behalf of my sister, she recently had an assessment in Chelmsford at the job centre, after a few weeks she had a letter from DWP saying her ESA is or will be stopped, my sister sufferes from attacks of vertigo, arthritis in her hands and neck, she suffers from anxiety and stress, she had been attack some while back and had her handbag snatched, she cannot travel alone as she feels unstable and anywhere she has to go I have to go with her or travel with her, she has to use a walking stick, cannot grip tops of jars or bottles to undo them and as I am her carer 24/7 I have to do most of the household chores and that includes carrying the shopping. I contacted the department and they then told me to fill in a CRM1 form which is a mandatory reconsideration form, I have to do all the forms and letters as my sister has a known learning disability and cannot understand these things or handle telephone calls, and they expect her do some kind of work, not only that she cannot stand noisy environments or hot and stuffy ones and even the cold will affect her as this has effects on her vertigo, to say the least this brought up her stress levels and it has put an awful strain on me, I believe all these people want is for us to die or kill ourselves maybe I would be better off dead then they would be happy, they would not have to pay her any benefits as that is what worries us now and all the rent and stuff has to come out of my bank, I do not know what to do now or the best option and not only that my sister was granted ESA through a court of law and it is supposed to be paid to her until she reaches 65 which is Jan next year.

I did type something like this before but could not see it published so if I have repeated it please forgive me,

Kenneth Pallant

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Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for your contribution to our forum and your concerns for your sister.

Can I ask is your sisters ESA allowance in regards to a diagnosis of Endometriosis?

Best Wishes,

M Mary

Volunteer Moderator


Hello MMary

I think it was a diagnosis, and the fact she has had the problem with her health for a long time. Best wishes



Hello Mary

I understand I have registered with the wrong forum, as I understand it, the reply I got indicated that you cant really help me on this forum so please can you remove any details and registration stuff and leave it like that. Thanks, Kenneth


Hello Kenneth,

I am really sorry to hear that you and your sister are having such a difficult time. It sounds as though there is a lot of pressure on you to resolve issues such as this on your sister's behalf. She is fortunate to have your support.

I am not sure you will get the information and support that you need from this forum. Our community is for people who have endometriosis and whilst issues with benefits can come in to play, we do not have the knowledge base for how to deal with matter such as this. I do know there is an appeals process for decisions to stop benefits, so it would be worth exploring that avenue.

Have you tried to get advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau? Sometimes there are local money advice charities who can help with matter such as this. It might be worth having a little look on google to see what support is local to you.

Sorry that we cannot offer more support and guidance with this.

Best wishes,


Support Network Manager


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