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Clear blue fertility tests

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Hi all... just wondering if anyone uses the clear blue fertility monitor and if they are finding it any good.

I have just started to use mine this week, didnt realise u have to test so looking to buy more tests... other than Amazon. .do any of you know of other websites that sell these... box of 20 tests on Amazon is £25 /€32 and costing further £6/€8 for shipping to Ireland... bit steep! Most if my wages already going on doctors!

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I use the naturalcycles app that measures basal body temp each morning and combines it with LH tests around ovulation, it tells you when to take your temp and when to do the tests. It will store and predict your cycle based on this which is more accurate than clearblue and gives you two extra fertile days based on your cycle.

If you just want the LH tests they're called ovulation tests, you can get them in packs of 20, 50, 100 etc off amazon, they're relatively cheap as they're all the same, then just look up online how to use them, there's loads of posts / forums, images of what they look like throughout the month. I use them for the three days before ovulation, you basically look for a peak in LH and 12 to 36 hours later ovulation should occur. I say should because a peak in LH doesn't always mean ovulation, so you need to measure your basal body temp as that definitely rises 24 to 48 hours after ovulation, that's why a prediction app helps for future cycles. Also your LH is in surges, which for some can be 12 hours and some 4 hours so you can miss it; I use about 9 wee on stick ovulation tests for the three days so I catch the surge, it just needs a bit of interpretation.

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Thank you that some great info... My heads a bit fried with some of this stuff...just fingers crossed it works! Thanks again

The clear blue monitor didn’t give me a positive ovulation the month I fell pregnant naturally for the first ever time... so I had clearly ovulated. I don’t think it’s worth the money and the sticks cost loads too. I think that using an app and the cheapo sticks from the internet works just as well.

Ps there’s a market for selling the monitors second hand on eBay... I’m going to do that!

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