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3 months post-op

hello, everyone! i'm three months post-op for my lap to remove a 10cm endometrioma & severe endo. i had five incisions for my lap, two on each side and one on my belly button. while all of them seem well-healed, the one on my belly button still gives me pain and discomfort a few times a day. when i wear high-waisted jeans, the pressure of the buttons can begin to hurt the area. when i stretch with my arms long above my head, i feel a dull pain and tugging that feels like it's a result of the remaining scar tissue. the pain & tugging also comes and goes throughout the day, depending on my activity.

i'm sure this is all normal, but i wondered if anyone else has had the same experience? if so, how long did it take to go away and feel 100% better? any trips/tricks to make the scar tissue healing go faster, with less pain/discomfort?

thanks so much, as always! x

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