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Insurance advice

Hi, I’m currently trying to get life insurance to somewhat protect my future, however I seem to be struggling. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS and some clinical indicators of adenmyosis in 2010 - I had laparoscopic surgery/ablation and continue to manage as best I can the symptoms. I have been honest when applying for life insurance, and so far two applications to two different insurers have been declined. Some advice would be great. Or has anyone else experienced this same thing. The insurers stipulate they would consider insuring me once all tests are completed and clear - as we all know this diagnosis can be with us for a lifetime. Feeling like I’m unsure where to go. :-)

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Are you currently under consultant care or have you been discharged? I found as long as I'd been discharged it was fine. I got mine through l&g. (That is not a recommendation. I'm just saying)

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Hi Bridget, I have just had the same thing I am waiting for a hysterectomy and the insurance company Royal London have said they can’t insure until I’ve had all my treatment also. I found it upsetting when I received the decision. Please let me know how you get on.

Good luck

Kirsty x


It was Royal London who refused me to - said I needed to complete treatment, however this is something women have for a life time. I really am totally shocked!! More shocked than I thought u would be. :-(


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