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One week left

Sorry for boring you all....I’m sitting in watching Saturday night takeaway, my 17yr old son has gone to a party & all I can think is (hopefully my son doesn’t end up drunk & vomiting) & I’m feeling so fed up at the fact I have to have a hysterectomy on Friday (if op goes ahead with this weather), I feel so selfish thinking lives go ahead as normal & im sitting here thinking what if this or that happens, I want to scream!!!!! 😬😬😡

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Try not to worry. Its a big operation for you to deal with both physically and mentally. Not long for you to wait now and hopefully it will be the start of a new life for you.

I had a TLH RSO September last year (age 37) and its given me my life back.

Thinking of you x

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Wish you all the best . Hope everything turns out well in your operation .

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hi there. just wanted to reach out as I am in exactly the same position. In fact I was meant to have my hysterectomy on 1st March and even made it into the hospital reception having got there before the snow was too bad only to be told that my operation was cancelled an hour before I was meant to start surgery.

I broke down in tears out of anger and frustration but I realise the decision was not taken lightly and they just did not have the support staff in to make sure if anything happened during surgery I would get the care I needed.

I am now booked back in for this Thursday (8th March) so need to get myself prepared all over again. So just know you are not alone in all of this and no you are not selfish!


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