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My gynae just closed

I got a letter saying the NHS is no longer funding the service and if I have any more issues, to go back to the GP and they'll be dealt with there. Honestly this is the last thing I wanted to hear; I've been with this gynae for 4 years and we both get on very well. At my last appointment she told me to go back on the pill after a break and she'd see me again when I decided to go back on them, but I've since found out the pill has been discontinued.

Honestly the thought of going back to the GP and either having to explain it all again or being referred to another gynae to go through all of it again is crushing, as I finally just felt like we were getting somewhere after 4 years and all her persistence and help. I don't want to not be re-referred due to the negative lap as my current gynae thinks something is still there and was determined to treat it, and I can't face the thought of having to go and see a different GP every time I have an issue or question, as I haven't had much luck with them in the past. I'm just at a bit of a loss

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I'm afraid to say you've got no choice. Please don't get frustrated with the situation . When you go to your GP bring whatever pill your taking and explain where what's happening with your gynaecologist treatment so they understand more of it . Hope you will find a new gynaecologist who listen and take time to sort you out .

Everyday is a new day. Good luck and all the best in your future 😊


Will ur notes from old gyne not be available to a new NHS gyne? Then perhaps there will be little need to explain every detail? I don't live in the UK but if notes are not available then am sure you could request your own copy under freedom of information and take them to any new gyne


Yeah I'm pretty sure they are but I don't think they'll refer me to a gynaecologist as as far as I'm aware, they still mostly think I'm seeing this one for vaginismus and pelvic floor dysfunction. Given my lap came back clear and I was only put on these pills a week ago I honestly don't think they'll refer me back again x


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