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Norethrindrone sucks how can you get off it without all the side effects

My specialist mentioned to slowly ween off this birth control to take ovulation test to see when I’m able to get pregnant... left ovary occluded and right is okay. I have Stage 4 endo and bilateral endometriomas.

So coming off this bitch of a drug has been a nightmare.. gas pain and distension like knives cutting through my bowels. At work the pressure and bloat was so intense I thought I was going to poop my pants and was thanking God it was just a bad fart. Anybody have experience with these awful side effects, not to mention migraines, skin breakouts and irregular bleeding...

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I don't have any suggestions as I've not taken that one, perhaps someone else can help you out :)

It does sound just like side effects from drug addiction (not the really bad ones but they essentially have the same withdrawal symptoms); hormones (pill), stimulants (eg caffeine) all work to change your body's natural way of working so it then becomes dependent on it, when coming off something it then has issues as it doesn't know how to function without. My friend that's just started menopause said it's the same as coming off coffee (she quit that after 20 years of excessive drinking), which is quite an eye opener when you think about it.


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