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Help! Bruising with a flare up

Hi there Endo sisters,

Can I please ask for your help? I am in the middle of another flare up but have just noticed that a big bruise has appeared on my lower tummy. This has not happened before. I definitely have not bumped myself. I had a laparoscopy about 7 months ago where they burnt over 20 patches of endo away. Things did improve for a little while which was great but it is definitely getting much worse again. But the bruise is a new one.

Any help gratefully received.

Thank you!!

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Hi! I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. Have you been using a heat pack on your lower abdomen to help with the pain? After surgery I had last year I developed what looked like a strange bruise but it was actually a burn from my heating pad. It’s called “toasted skin syndrome”. I wonder if that’s what happening especially if you didn’t hurt yourself. My doctor told me not to use the heat anymore and gave me a prescription cream to help with the discolouration of my skin. Do you have an appointment to see your doctor soon?


Hello LindsayJ,

Thank you so much for coming back to me. I use a hot water bottle that has a furry cover and so don’t think it is a burn, but good thinking. Since my post I have seen two doctors....neither could explain the bruising but said they didn’t feel it was anything to worry about.

Certainly feel a little fobbed off at the moment! Sending hugs x


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