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Zoladex (A positive move?)

Hi all,

I’m hoping you would be kind to share your experiences with this medication. I have finally seen the endometriosis consultant today, after a long 3 month wait following the discovering of sizeable endometriomas on both ovaries, and am being investigated for likely adhesions in my bladder and bowel.

I have left today told to book in with my gp for the above and hrt which is fine, but would like to know how people have got on. I’m 28 and have been trying to conceive for 2 years with no success. Worsening symptoms over the past few months made me seek help - regular cyclical bowel issues, recurrent utis and daily fatigue. This has deteriorated further over the past 3 months to the point that pain is a daily occurrence, i now suffer sciatic pain, along with the usual, and have a debilitating pain that has no prior warning and leaves me feeling winded for up to two days after. Even returning to my gp for stronger pain relief has not allowed me to get on top of those. I feel so fed up, normal daily life seems a distant memory. My relationship is in tatters and some days I wonder why my partner wants to be with me at all, poor man!

So I’m now awaiting further tests and referrals, another ultrasound, mri, colorectal referral and a return for possible diagnostic laparoscopy if the imagery is not conclusive prior to having surgery to remove it all.

I feel hopeful that there’s light at the end of what has been a very long dark tunnel so would love to hear how others have got on with this, and whether it has provided some relief from the daily struggles.


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Oh Milly89, you poor thing! I had zoladex prior to my laparoscopy and excision of deep rectovaginal endo. Within a month my symptoms (awful continuous pain, spasms, rectal bleeding, rectal mucus) has really dampened down and by month 2 I felt so much better. My endo specialist advised against HRT as it negates the effect of the zoladex. The side effects weren't too awful, I had my fair share of hot flushes and night sweats but to be honest that's about it. Saved on the heating bills!! Also, the injection wasn't bad at all either, it just aches a little afterwards.

In summary, I found zoladex well worth the menopausal symptoms which were so much easier than taking all sorts of painkillers and being in pain all of the time. I know from reading all sorts of forums that there are varying experiences of this drug, however it is a means to an end and at least it will shrink your endo whilst you have your work-up. Good luck!!!

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Thank you, if it makes my pain go away I can take the hot flushes and sweats I’m sure 😏 x


Zoladez is a pellet type of injection given under the belly every month .The needle can be a bit big to accommodate the pellets. It can be given for 6 months up to a year or more . Usually with your age it can be given for a year . As the endometriosis feeds on this hormone to grow. Zoladez function is to suppress your oestrogen once it's suppress it shrinks the endometriosis.

It's side effects are it will halt your period while you are on it. It'll make you on a temporary menopause , hot flushes , sweaty at times usually at nights . You wake up hot and sweaty early in the morning. You may feel your body are hot but not to worry on this.

Minimise your caffeine intake like coffee or tea as it exacerbates the hot flushes. You could take decaf coffee or tea. Wear cotton clothes at night to keep you cool.

Goodluck on you and all the best in your future 😊

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Zoladex can be take for 6months 2x max in ur life. But it's great and you will be pain free for at least 1yr and have more chance to conceive


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