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Endometrioma-Longest Flare up So far😢

Good morning Ladies,

So I posted earlier on about a possible Endometrioma rupture. I started my period on Feb 7 and had a morning where the blood was So dark it was almost black. Included in this was left sided back pain which (My endo is inside my left ovary). Over the week it progressively got better and pain had almost gone. A few days ago it started bothering me again, slight pain left side lower back and slightly around hip into front abdomen. I went to yoga that morning and thought it would help. I managed to get through the class without too much issue. As soon as i was done, the pain hit me as I was walking to my car. Now for 3 days it hurts especially to bend or sit up right for too long. Yesterday I decided to go for a walk at the mall and had a smoothie. It felt better to walk than to sit. After some time I started to have severe gas pains and as I was driving home it got so bad it went into my left shoulder. I had bad flatulence for the next several hours. I reclined with my heating pad for the rest of the evening. Now each day that I wake up I pray to feel even a bit better. I do feel a bit better at first and the more I move around the worse it gets. I know alot of women experience much worse flare ups than this. Aside from the first time I was diagnosed a couple years ago, this is the 2nd worst flare up I've had. I don't want to go to emerge or my family doctor yet as I feel they can't do much for me at this point. I'm meeting with my Gyno on March 7 and only hope to be able to get through until then. I know I'll need surgery (lap) but my Gyno didn't make me feel comfortable about the procedure. He seemed too concerned about the procedure and made me feel uneasy. So I've been putting it off for a year. I also see that many women who get their endo removed still continue to have more issues. It seems so controversial as to whether it actually helps or not. So my questions would be:

Have any of you found it worth the surgery to remove endo, especially an Endometrioma? How long was your recovery? Any recurring issues afterward?

When should I be concerned enough to go to doctor or hospital? Is it something that I just have to wait out?

Thanks so much in advance!

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