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I’m in hospital and they are doing something else!


Currently in my stockings and gown, waiting to go in.

Surgeon has just been around, told me the ins and outs. He’s suggested that even if they don’t find endo, to have a mirena coil put in as endo can sometimes be under the surface. So just a precaution. I’ve agreed to this.

He’s also suggested to do a hysteroscopy (sp?) which I obviously didn’t know about until now! Which has worried me even more.

I know it’s a good thing, as they are going in to check womb etc, but it’s made me even more nervous than before!!

I’m trying to really hold back the tears. I’m just so worried something will go wrong and the worst will happen, and I’ll be leaving my little boy behind :(

I’m so so scared girls xxx

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Deep breaths - it will all be ok. I was so nervous before my lap, I almost cancelled it right as they were anaesthetising me! It might not be much comfort, but the chances of something going wrong are tiny. Good luck xx

Thank you :)

I know, I feel like walking out right now!! I told my partner last week I was cancelling it and he got so cross with me ha!

I think I dread that there’s nothing wrong with me at all really, and this has just been a waste of time! And then it’s the anxiety of what happens next. Xxx

keep calm. I think surgeons get a little blase about these things as its everyday for them and forget for their patient it is a big deal.

Someone’s just come to get my bed so I’ll be going in shortly! Fingers crossed xxx

Don't be worried it will all be fine. I had hysteroscopy last year and just had a few cramps the next day. Good luck and let us know how you get on xxx

I'm too late to wish you not to worry they did lots more on me the day if surgery I was really happy because it meant finding out what else could be wrong while under the anaesthetic.

I hope you get answers and I hope your recovery goes well and you have support good luck my love. Let us know how you get on when you can.


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