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Unsure of prostap expectations


I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2017 after 9 years waiting!

I’ve had 11 injections (ive stuck with the monthly ones as I can deal with the side effects better) and I’ve got one last one injection and I’ve got to have a 3 month break and then I’m going back on it.....I’m wondering what to expect in those 3 months? Will my period return?

I forgot to ask the consultant and I’m not seeing her again for 3 months 😞

Any advice would be great!

Thanks in advance

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I was on prostap but only came off it for surgery. So no more prostap was needed after.

Why not ring the consultants secretary and ask the question, she can get the answer from the consultant for you and then you'll know for definate.

Consultants dont mind you doing this, it means your aware of whats actually going on rather than just accepting it blindly. And as you wont be taking up an appointment for just that querry it wouldnt inconvenience them.

Sorry couldnt help more.

Good luck. X


Thanks! I’m seeing the nurse for my last injection next week and have been asked to mention it then ☺️


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