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Hi all. Has anyone had endo further up from the pelvis? I have had a constant stabbing pain just under my left breast for about 3 years now. I have a hiatus hernia, diagnosed over 20 years ago and take Lansoprazole daily. This is a different pain to my hiatus hernia pain. I had an endoscopy last year which showed slight inflammation of the stomach and doctor just prescribed double dose of Lansoprazole which does not work. I mentioned to my consultants and Doctors several times but they can’t explain it. Anyone suffer with the same?

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I just had my 4th lap on the 15h Jan and endo was found on my diaphragm as well as other places. (See my post) I asked them to look further up during lap coz I was convinced I had it from doing my own research. 24/7 shoulder blade and shoulder tip pain. Pain under my right rib cage and middle of chest including pain on breathing in deep. Almost like I couldn't catch my breath. Hope you get sorted. Xx

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