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Umbilical hernia after laparoscopy?

Umbilical hernia after laparoscopy?

Hi guys,

I had a laparoscopy on 5th Jan where they removed some endometriosis and disconnected my bowel from my left side where adhesion's were connecting them. When I came out of surgery, the incision in my belly button was very sore. I had a cough and every time I coughed, the pain and pressure on my belly button incision was excruciating, much more so than any of the other incision sites. I noticed about 3 days after the op that there appeared to be a hard lump in my belly button that wasn't there before (I've always had a very neat 'innie'. I assumed that this was maybe just a large scab filling my belly button since there had been some bleeding and weeping from the incision but when the scab came off about 13 days after the op, I realised that it appeared to be a lump of flesh in my belly button. I have no feeling on the skin of the lump but it is vaguely uncomfortable when I move or cough or when i wear high waisted jeans. I can't see the incision that was made, it appears to be directly under the lump since I can see stitches poking out on either side of it. After doing some googling, I am concerned that this could be a hernia but I don't have any knowledge in the area, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what this could be? I have attached a picture for reference in case that helps.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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Hmm, looks like an innie that's turned out if that's even possible!

As it's happened after surgery and you have some related pain; check with the doctors.

I hope you find out what it is xx


This what my belly button looks like well looked like before surgery after my 4th lap my belly button is totally ruined its like they've gone down the side of my belly button but had to cut it open more and then stitch it back together. Yours looks cute like mine used to lol. Xx deffo get checked at docs if causing pain though xx


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